Health and Safety

Please follow instructions for using the safe provided in your apartment.
*Please note: that you are required to leave the safe open at the end of your stay. If the safe has to be forced open after your stay, you will be billed with the cost.

Please turn off all air-conditioners and water heaters when leaving your apartment.

Smoking is not permitted in the apartment.
*The balcony is the only designated place for smoking.
*However, cigarette butts must be disposed off properly. If this is not done, there is a penalty fee of $500.00

Please ensure that children under the age of 10 using the balconies are supervised by an adult at all times.

Please ensure that children using the swimming pool are supervised by an adult.

Kindly ensure adult supervision for children in and around the garden and driveway

Please do not send security officers on personal errands.

It is important that the main driveway is always kept clear. All cars using the premises must park in the designated car parking area.

DISCLAIMER: Management is not responsible for any loss or damage of items left in cars.

*Please remove all valuable items from your car.