Security & Protection

Please keep all perimeters windows tightly locked particularly at night.

Please remember to insert the metal pins in all windows in your apartment at night and before you leave your apartment, as an extra security measure.

We request that all guests sign in and out of the main security gates at all times.If you are expecting a visitor, kindly call security to inform them.

Access to the premises will only be granted to visitors only after security has verified their identity. This will include a telephone call to your apartment.

If you are unable to reach security on the office line, please do call their mobile. The number can be found in the contact list.

Kindly report any suspicious behavior no matter how trivial to security and management immediately.

We provide 24 hour security: 2 security officers at night and 1 officer in the day.

Please do not send security officers on personal errands.

It is important that the main driveway is always kept clear. All cars using the premises must park in the designated car parking area.

DISCLAIMER: Management is not responsible for any loss or damage of items left in cars.

*Please remove all valuable items from your car.